Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

John Wood Students!

If you see our flier in the hall just call. We'll be happy to assist you in getting your computer to us

Enjoy Your Computer Again!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Client Testimonials and other info.

If you own one, five or more computers and need to have them managed by a certified Information Technology Professional, you can call geek squad or etc... They will help you pay as much as they want you to, or you can e-mail When I get your message, I will be more than happy to answer any call for computer help that you might have.


Kim Whiteaker - He is very knowledgeable about computers. He helped me out within minutes. I highly recommend his services! 

Jesse Mitchell - my sister loves what you did with her laptop, said it has never been faster!! thanks a lot. 

Megan Miles - My computer is officially debugged thanks Sean u are awesome! 

Mark-Michelle Hagerbaumer - If you need your computer to run better than ever, contact Sean Heeger. He hooked us up bigtime. It's like having 3 brand new computers! Everything's working great, all the computers in the house can "talk" to each other now. Pretty cool. Great job Sean! 

Ivan Acosta - Have Computer Problems? Sean Heeger is your guy in Quincy, Il! 

Jerry Reid - "Hey If you need any work done on your computer I have to say Sean did an awesome job cleaning and clearing my computer. It is working better then when I got it BA and awesome work should get a hold him for any work you need done!!!!!!!!!!" 

Paul Walker - Computer fixed, saved 1/2 money in parts, and faster than new! Sean takes good care of his customers and friends!!!! Thanks Sean! 

My physical service call coverage is limited to the Adams County, Illinois area. But you won't have long waits or have to carry your computer into any computer shop should you choose not to do so. Remote access support is just a click away for those outside of the physical service area.

Friendly home and office visits are part of the service if you feel the need for a personal touch.

Additionally, I'll invite you to purchase any needed component for replacement purposes on your own from a reputable computer store or online distributor. I'll also point you in the right direction that will cut your expenses on computer hardware as well as software. The end result will be that everything will be installed correctly and thoroughly tested for compatibility and reliability.

A two week guarantee will always follow the initial service call!

Also, if you need your portable device such as a lap top or an IPad tuned up for web surfing, the price is the same. Desktops and "all in one" units are serviced as well.

Call 217-209-1063 for more information on becoming a client or to schedule a service call for your internet device. My promise to you will be...  "You will be able to enjoy your computer again".